adagio .. anything but slow

I have been meaning to share this for a while, infact a previous attempt to blog was specifically inspired by the reciept and subsequent appreciation of this music.

My parents were good enough to send this CD over to me at my blanket and off the cuff request for ‘some decent classical music’. There were 8 CDs in total (well 7 after one got unceremoniously ejected by Ritchie one morning) and this one stood out.


Interestingly it was the first one I picked up, which after picking up the second one made it a lot harder to get through the rest. There 19 tracks in all and they all, being Adagios, borrow from the same book in their creation but each comes with its own specific sense of purpose.


Adagio specifically is a tempo applied to music (interestingly as I found out this morning it also applies to dance and the french call it ‘adage’) but for me more is brought to bear by this music. It wasn’t slow so much as deliberate. It was slow like the ocean’s tide is slow, like the heat of the sun is slow. While the effect is gradual the outcome is magnificent and brings about change.


This CD brought about change in me, on any given day when I needed reminding of life’s true tempo which in itself is Adagio.


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