Closing out..

What an adventure.. there is not a part of me, even my scarred back, that regrets doing this trip. The support and interest from people has been amazing and I felt over the 8 days I got more comfortable putting the videos together..  I can’t see why I wouldnt do this for my other travels. I like to travel alone but read as recently as a few days ago (in a Baci wrapper to be fair) that an experience is less so when not shared. 

The camera became my proxy for sharing.. I hope that any of you have watched some of these got something out of them.. if only a bit of a laugh or some spark to get out there (wherever there is) yourself. 


Keep tuned for more videos… I have plenty of travel planned for this year.. hell, I may even get myself some new outfits!


thanks again, take care.


p.s. Thanks to Chris & Catherine for the book they gave me for the trip which made infinitely more sense while read on the road and provided clarity for everything else I’m planning to do


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