don’t just talk about it..

Today I went to login to my bank account .. and saw some links to a new marketing campaign they were running.. this is the nab campaign where they ‘broke up’ with the other major banks..  some marketing gurus idea in an ivory tower somewhere linked to an media/ad spend of probably around $5M .. who knows.. maybe more.. 

I presume the planned outcome was (according to an article in the financial review)

> take market share

> promote bank as being different


Without being at all offensive to nab, I actually think they are genuinely trying to change the way they interact with their customers and the market generally, but how about trying this next time instead.


Find 100 charities .. maybe do this by asking your 30,000 or so employees to nominate their favouries .. and donate 80% of what you would have spent on marketing to the best options on the condition they do a quick video on what the money means to them..  


Then create a mini site where people can go and see the difference nab is making in the community (you’ll need the 20% of your previous ad budget that is left over to do the mini site and promote what you’re doing through pretty standard PR etc).. it should promote itself


The internet is a wonderful utility for truth.. be truly different and people will talk about it, if you just talk about it .. people will know the truth.




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