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I made it down to the Bases product showcase in Palo Alto during the week. (more here –

Basically current and former students of Stanford showcasing product innovations. Everything from software to solar powered water filtration for the 3rd world

It was attended by some Silicon Valley royalty as well a handful of venture capitalist, always inspiring but I was determined to leave with more than just inspiration, but tangible learnings for mifii in mortgage education. This was going to be a challenge, hard to pitch to a room full of people pitching.

I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes with KT Moortgat from MDV and talk to her about what we were doing and with it a fresh perspective on where the pain points were. She related her specific pain in the mortgage process, which in itself taught me two things about what we were doing.

Firstly, all of the language showed more strongly than ever that mifii is really solving a pain based on the human condition. Words such as ‘I felt’ and ‘We believed’ demonstrate that what we build needs to understand, relate to and even empathize with people and THEIR situation.

But secondly the specific example that KT provided really demonstrated the highly specific manner of people’s concerns. For us to create something relevant to people it needs to be able to relate to their situation, beliefs and concerns.

It’s no wonder the vast majority of consumer mortgage sites like and are not working for the consumer (not absence of the word ‘average’ .. there is no average).

Not only is this a difficult proposition at a point in time, it’s also a moving target as the individuals situation and the market they operate in evolves.

Need to design a tool for the life of a consumers’ mortgage education, research and subsequent product comparison and selection.


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