I am based in San Francisco and am an entrepreneur in the software space. I am founder of Planwise, a technology that helps people make better financial decisions. It is at planwise.com 

I’m highly active in the startup scene, especially in fintech where I started the SF Fintech meetup and created fin-tech.org


I have a strong interest in technology & innovation to improve the world from a social and environmental perspective. I also advise a couple of start ups while working also on my own venture. You can find more on angel.co/vincent-turner


I have started this site as way of moving what I have in my head on to paper (of sorts) in the hope that more can be done with what I have to imagine and offer than what I can do by myself.


I am as interested in hearing about your ideas and vision if you so choose to share these with me and want some honest and hopefully insightful feedback.


I believe that we all face fundamentally the same set of problems in our various fields and that a solution to one can be applied to the same parallel problem elsewhere. Only through our collaboration can we collectively benefit from what each of us knows.





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